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Community Statistics

Community Statistics
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The Town of East Gwillimbury is a designated growth municipality in Northern York Region, with the projected population increasing from 24,000 to 86,500 by 2031, and the number of jobs increasing from 7,400 to 34,400 by 2031. The Town’s educated and growing labour force is already supporting the growth of local employers, with great potential for new businesses in the area.

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Demographic data within East Gwillimbury include population growth, age structure, immigration, ethnic diversity, and educational attainment. 
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Labour Force & Wages 
Labour Force and wages data for the East Gwillimbury area include information about the various industries and types of occupations that exist within the Town, as well as force flow analysis and cost of labour. 
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Largest Employers
East Gwillimbury has identified the Town’s four largest employers: Kelson, Technicore, Inscape Office Solutions, and Dynamic Suspensions (Multimatic).
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Demographic data within East Gwillimbury include