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Broadband Initiative

Broadband Initiative 

East Gwillimbury understands how critical high capacity and affordable internet bandwidth is for its existing businesses and residents. The Town also knows the importance of providing this service in attracting new businesses and investments to the community, particularly in the knowledge sector. 

‘Broadband’ refers to internet service technology that connects East Gwillimbury to the world. Broadband is the most commonly used form of Internet access due to its high-speed capabilities and convenience. Broadband is available in DSL, fibre-optic, cable, and satellite forms.

The partnership between East Gwillimbury and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is critical in supporting those who currently require this access and to accommodate our continued growth in the future. 

Due to these needs, East Gwillimbury has partnered with the Region of York on a major funding application through the Connect to Innovate (CTI) Program to expand broadband backbone infrastructure into East Gwillimbury and Northern York Region. The Town continues to develop partnerships and take advantage of new opportunities to help expand broadband service to businesses and residents.

For more, please contact Aimee Artinian, Economic Development Coordinator at (905) 478-4283 ext. 1216 or email her at


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