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Post-Secondary Attraction

Post Secondary Attraction 
A home for higher learning in EG
Post-secondary attraction continues to be a priority for East Gwillimbury. Both the Town's new Official Plan and Economic Development Strategy identify the post-secondary attraction program as a critical element of the Town's future growth and a key component of the Town's objective to attract local employment investment.

Establishing a post-secondary institution in East Gwillimbury would bring about incredible leadership and innovation in not only our Town, but also York Region and beyond. Post-secondary institutions invite bright minds into the towns they inhabit, fostering many opportunities for the development of personal education and Town economic growth. 

When educational hubs are integrated into an area, the students become part of a transforming community, pushing for positive change and aiding in achieving that positive change. Creating a student community would also help to build East Gwillimbury’s culture and sense of community, as new faces will migrate and take root in the Town – potentially choosing to make it their permanent home.

The presence of an educational hub will also increase the amount of shoppers at local businesses, the buying and building of homes in the area, job creation, and participation in Town events, all contributing to the Town’s overall prosperity.

A Perfect Location 
Given the extensive amount of growth, both existing and planned, in the northern York Region and the southern part of Simcoe County, the need for post-secondary classroom space in these areas are fairly well defined. 

East Gwillimbury is an especially great location for a post-secondary institution as it has been named by Ontario as a premiere designated urban growth centre with over $1 billion in infrastructure investment underway. The Town has also committed to preserving 75% protected green space, maintaining East Gwillimbury’s beauty and rural appeal at the same time. 

In the midst of this significant growth, East Gwillimbury is a substantial contender for the building of a post-secondary institution because of its proximity to businesses and employment, transportation corridors, residential areas, and Southlake Hospital. 

Learn more about the potential for a post-secondary institution in EG through our video:

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