Town of east Gwillimbury

Living in East Gwillimbury

Living in East Gwillimbury Harvest Hills Homes
East Gwillimbury is located in the Regional Municipality of York and is comprised of communities: Harvest Hills, Holland Landing, Queensville, Sharon, and Mount Albert.

An inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is embraced, East Gwillimbury is committed to supporting residents as they reach their full potential.

While living in East Gwillimbury is great, building and developing business in East Gwillimbury is extraordinary! With consistent population and economic growth, (in addition to the lush landscape, and local access to community recreational services and events), East Gwillimbury is the prime location to build upon success. 

Looking to move your family or business to East Gwillimbury?

Discover more about our many community advantages:

Employment Opportunities
Helping to locate community career opportunities.

East Gwillimbury - an expanding residential community.

Advancing academic achievement.

Historic buildings, parks, recreation, and events.

Ontario Health, clinics, services, and beyond.

Arts & Culture
Public art, events, libraries and clubs.

Community centres, sports fields, hiking trails, and more.