Town of east Gwillimbury


The Town of East Gwillimbury provides an incredible landscape for all visitors, tourists, and businesses
In addition to the many industry sectors that call East Gwillimbury home, tourism is also flourishing in our charming, historical, and picturesque Town. There is something to interest and entertain everyone, from history buffs to athletes, artists, musicians and more. The flow of tourists through our community contributes to the economic strength that will support your business, and our many enjoyable attributes will be a welcome advantage to your employees.

Community Facilities 
Residents of East Gwillimbury enjoy access to a wide range of sports complexes, community centres, and other facilities for recreation and social activities. Visit the Town website for a full list of our community facilities.


Parks, Trails & Sports Fields
Residents and tourists are invited to enjoy the many recreational sites within East Gwillimbury. With four splash pads, a variety of outdoor sports fields (baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.), challenge courses, and walking paths, there is something for everyone. Discover all of our parks, trails, and sports fields.

Arts & Culture
Arts and culture contribute to enjoying one’s community, but also to the economic vitality of a place. Successful municipalities offer an appealing and attractive community that is diverse and welcoming, that has interesting public spaces, and that celebrates public art and urban design. East Gwillimbury has a variety of local assets for the community to enjoy, including festivals and events such as the Farmers Market, Music At Civic Square, Canada Day celebrations, Remembrance Day services, Easter Bunny hikes, you name it – East Gwillimbury is packed full of great family-friendly community events. Discover the many arts and culture options in our Town.

Music at Civic Sqaure Sign

The Sharon Temple
Established in 1832, the Sharon Temple, or the temple of the ‘Children of Peace at Sharon’, was designed out of the ideas of David Wilson, a religious leader in early 19th century Upper Canada. Painted green and white, the building is comprised of three tiers, representing the Holy Trinity. Available for public use such as tours, weddings, and events, this site is located at 18974 Leslie Street in Sharon, Ontario.

Shopping & Food
An abundance of retail companies and restaurants are flocking to East Gwillimbury to set up shop. With the Town’s booming population, local businesses are serving more and more residents and tourists every year. Whether you need a new outfit, or a place to hold a birthday dinner, you need not look further than within East Gwillimbury

Learn more about what’s happening in East Gwillimbury by visiting the Town’s website or the Experience EG Tourism website.