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New to EG

New to East Gwillimbury
We have tools and programs to support your decision to build your business in EG
Is your business new to the East Gwillimbury area or are you considering starting or moving your business here? Do you need some guidance on how to navigate the many helpful resources this Town has to offer? Look no further – Advantage EG is here to help. 

East Gwillimbury knows that moving yourself, your family, and your business to a new Town involves many considerations, and you need to have the right facts to make informed decisions. Our community is prosperous, growing, beautiful, and inclusive. Explore our business-related resources to discover the many opportunities that await you in East Gwillimbury:

Business First
A program that supports your new or existing business by helping to secure approvals, and by providing insight on timing of project completion.
Take the First Step

Development Opportunities
Providing information on available employment land, market access, property taxes, and more.
Discover the Possibilities

Employment Lands
Discover the vast potential in East Gwillimbury’s available employment lands.
Find Your Best Location

Financial Assistance
We can help you make the right connections for government and other funding sources to facilitate your EG business launch.
Find New Funding

Business Planning & Training
Learn about the business resources available to help you achieve your greatest success in EG.
Learn How We Can Help

Infrastructure & Expenses
We can help you find everything you need to know about transportation, utilities, taxes, permits and licences to support your business in East Gwillimbury.
Navigate the Necessities 

International Business
If you’re bringing your business to Canada for the first time, we invite you to find your home in East Gwillimbury, a short distance north of Toronto.
Welcome to Canada