Town of east Gwillimbury

Business Directory

Business Directory 
Current East Gwillimbury businesses are thriving! With many more stores and restaurants opening every year, you’ll want to visit all of them! Using the Business Directory, you’ll be able to easily navigate the locations of many exciting business clusters in East Gwillimbury.

How do I use the directory?
After opening the link, a map of East Gwillimbury will appear before your eyes. Outlined with a dark boarder, you will be able to clearly identify the geographical boundaries of the Town.

The numbers that appear within the various purple circles refer to the number of businesses clustered in that particular area. For example: If the purple circle reads “72”, there are 72 businesses to be explored within the boundaries of that mapped circle.

Want to know what specific businesses are located in an area? 
To choose a certain cluster, simply click on the purple circle. Smaller dots will then appear, representing a various number of businesses in that area. For example, if the purple circle reads “15”, 15 individual dots will now show themselves. 

Use the zoom (+) feature at the top left corner of the map to get a closer look.

If you would like to identify the different names of each of these businesses, look to the white information box, located at the upper left side of the map. Within this box you can use the drop down menu – which will list each individual business. This box will also provide you with the address and phone number of the business you have selected.

How can I get my business added to the Directory?
Add your business to the directory by visiting the York Region Employment Survey and filling out the survey.

Access East Gwillimbury’s Business Directory