Town of east Gwillimbury

Sector Focus


The Region of York is Ontario’s 2nd largest manufacturing hub and 4th largest in Canada with over 4000 manufacturing businesses.  Key manufacturing sectors include electronics & electrical products, auto parts, pharma and building products.  East Gwillimbury’s manufacturing sector comprises 54 business establishments (2010) representing 13% of the local labour force and includes Multimatic (Dynamic Suspensions) in the auto-parts sector and Inscape Office Interiors.   

Agriculture and the Rural Economy

Close to 75% of the land base of the Town of East Gwillimbury is protected for long term rural and agricultural land use under Provincial Policy (Greenbelt Plan, Oak Ridges Moraine) and includes portion of the Holland Marsh.  East Gwillimbury’s agricultural economy comprises approximately $ 42 million in farm receipts, second only to King Township in all of York Region.  Predominant agricultural activities include equestrian operations, vegetable production and cash crops.

Farm Field

Health Care & Public Administration Services

York Region is home to over 300 Bio-Pharma and HealthTech firms and is home to Ontario’s largest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) serving 1.8 million residents.  Given our close proximity to significant industry cluster and South Lake Region Health Care, jobs in the Health Sciences and related professions represent 10% of the Town’s overall labour force.  Public sector jobs continue to increase; East Gwillimbury is home to York Region’s Transportation Administration Centre,  Emergency Services Headquarters,  Police Training Facility and Waste Management Operations.   The Town is also home to the Provincial Metrolinx Service and Operations Hub.

Retail & Personal Service

Over the last 5 years, employment growth in the retail and personal service sector has seen the most significant increase with the development of new shopping areas in the southwest portion of the Town.  Employment in this sector is expected to increase exponentially as the Town’s residential development and population increases, supporting the needs of new residents. 

Shopping Centre

Construction and Building

York Region is Canada’s 3rd largest residential construction market behind the Cities of Vancouver and Toronto, representing $3.5 billion in local construction value in 2012.  Building industry clusters in York Region include over 10,000 companies and contractors.   In addition, a significant growth area will include municipal infrastructure construction activity as the Region of York rolls out over $ 8 Billion of investment in municipal infrastructure over the next few years.  Of this, close to $800 million is being invested in water and sewer infrastructure in East Gwillimbury which is one of the primary drivers of the Town’s Clean-Tech Investment Strategy.