Town of east Gwillimbury

What is Business Advantage?

Economic Growth & Economic Gain for your Business

Investors and businesses are interested in East Gwillimbury (EG) and are asking one important question: What is Business Advantage? 


  • Centrally located within the Regional Municipality of York with easy access to markets across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond
  • Downtown Toronto is easily accessible within an hour by car or public transportation (GO Transit/YRT)
  •  Approximately 70% of the Town's land base is protected under the Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine Plans
  • Community members can enjoy a rural lifestyle with easy access to Lake Simcoe and cottage country with lake to lake pedestrian and cycling trails 

EG's population will grow by 400% by 2031. The Town offers a highly skilled and well-educated workforce with more than 50% having a post secondary education.

  • EG is a designated growth municipality under the Provincial Growth Plan
  • Employment population is expected to grow close to 30,000 new jobs by 2031
  • Residential population is projected to grow to 86,500 by 2031 and 150,000 by 2051
  • 25% of the Town's work force have a university degree

Available Land
Available land for business and investment continues to diminish across the GTA. EG offers an opportunity for you to tailor a site to meet your needs within our extensive employment corridor adjacent to Highway 404.

  • Over 1000 acres of serviced and designated employment land
  • An abundance of large (50 acre plus) holdings suitable for campus style development or large scale investments

EG offers excellent transportation infrastructure with quick, easy access to markets across the GTA and beyond.

  • 20 minutes from the Highway 401 and 407 corridor
  • 13 kilometers of Highway 404 with three interchanges
  • Planned VIVA bus rapid transit lanes to serve employment lands, linked with adjoining communities
  • GO Transit commuter rail service

Fees and Taxes
EG offers competitive development fees and a low residential tax rate.

  • Preferred municipal development charge rates for office and industrial uses
  • Process for staged payment of development fees to offset the extent of up-front costs for development
  • Industrial and office taxes, amongst the lowest in York Region

Business First Program
The Business First program was designed to expedite the approval of development applications for existing and new projects within the employment area.

  • The program provides dedicated staff support and attention from the Development Services Department, to assist business owners and investors in securing approvals
  • Includes the development of a process timeline, adding a level of certainty to project completion


Margot Begin, Ec.D. (F)                                                      Town of East Gwillimbury 
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Brittny Stevenson-Byers
Economic Development Assistant
Tel: (905) 478-4283 ext. 3870

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
For your convenience, a secure drop box is located at front entrance.