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Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Revitalization

Whether you live, work, or visit in East Gwillimbury, we want everyone to appreciate and enjoy our Town. To achieve a community feel that is inviting to all and allows businesses to thrive, we’re working together with the Mount Albert Village Association, the Town of East Gwillimbury to revitalize our downtown core.

 Downtown Revitalization Update and BIA Info Meeting

Downtown Revitalization Strategy and Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
A Downtown Revitalization Strategy and Community Improvement Plan (CIP) has been developed for the Community of Mount Albert in East Gwillimbury. The Strategy and Plan is designed to stimulate redevelopment and investment in the downtown core through the use of tools and incentives for the private sector, together with public sector investment by the Town and its partners. The Strategy seeks to ensure the downtown core achieves its potential in providing services to the residents of the community while attracting visitors and new businesses.

“The success of this Plan is not related to one specific action, or the development of one large project. It is a series of activities that can be completed over a long period of time.”

DTR Presentation  Downtown Mt. Albert


Methods of revitalization foreseeably include: increasing the number of bike racks, planting flowers, having public art displayed, increasing customer service skills, providing more accessibility for those with disabilities, etc. Overall, this plan will work to unify a community voice, attract more tourists and businesses to the Town, and create a better, more enjoyable living environment for all residents.

Background on the Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization
East Gwillimbury’s mission to revitalize their downtown core began in 2011, after the community of Mount Albert took part in a First Impressions Community Exchange program with Schomberg. The First Impressions Community Exchange or (FICE) program is designed to provide valuable information to communities concerning the first impressions first-time visitors have of their Town. Following their completing the program, Mount Albert received valuable feedback and chose to implement a ‘Downtown Revitalization Strategy and Community Improvement Plan,’ which was later launched in 2013.

Endorsed by council, this project has formed through a collaboration of Town staff, Southlake Community Futures Development Corporation (SLCFDC), Mount Albert Village Association (MAVA), the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC), the East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), as well as local community members and businesses.

See the progress of our downtown revitalization in our timeline.

Help Shape Your Community
Are you interested in the Downtown Revitalization project for Mount Albert? Are you looking to volunteer and give back to your community? Do you want to be involved in any future initiatives? Join the Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization Committee! Contact Aimee Artinian, Economic Development Coordinator for more information on this project and Committee. 

Aimee Artinian, Economic Development Coordinator 
(905) 478-4283 ext. 1216