The Highway 404 Employment Lands Secondary Plan guides the Town's development of 236 hectares (584 acres) of land, bound by Highway 404, Mount Albert Road, Woodbine Avenue, Green Lane East, Leslie Street and the boundary of Walnut Farm. It establishes land use designations and development policies for the area.

The plan will work to support the Town's Official Plan to promote economic sustainability and achieve a balanced work-life relationship within the community.

Key Guiding Principles

Learn more about the adoption and background of the plan. The key guideline principals include:

  • Establish a high-quality, comprehensively planned employment area that supports a complete range of office and industrial uses, as well as limited retail uses
  • Support a diversified economic base and increase employment options to meet the needs of the Town as a growth municipality and improve the Town's vitality and resiliency
  • Provide enhanced access and connectivity and take advantage of the area's prime location adjacent to Highway 404
  • Create pleasant and comfortable streetscapes that encourage active transportation and support public transit
  • Ensure visual attractiveness of the area, as well as sustainable design and development
  • Protect natural and cultural heritage resources for enjoyment by future generations

Developments in Progress 

Choice Eastway Industrial Centre, 18574 Woodbine Avenue

 Green Lane Northwest, 18363 Leslie Street

  • 42 acres
  • 11,000 to 500,000 sq. ft. in available
  • Built to suit lease industrial and employment facilities 
  • Prominent Highway 404 visibility and exposure
  • RICE Group Portfolio