East Gwillimbury (EG) is demonstrating exciting growth in the construction sector and in construction tech, making it an ideal location for industries related to construction equipment and operations.  

Sector profile

The construction and building sectors are major industries in East Gwillimbury, representing 12% of all jobs in the town and playing host to over 500 registered contractors and construction businesses (Statistics Canada, 2019). York Region represented $3.3 billion in new construction value in 2018, which is the second-largest construction market in Ontario and the sixth-largest in Canada (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).

EG’s construction and building companies serve both local markets and expanding markets outside the region. They represent 20% of payrolled businesses. Residential building construction and building equipment contractors dominate, with 93 payrolled businesses in EG (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).

New opportunities in Construction Tech

With rapid growth in and around the GTA, EG offers excellent opportunities for businesses who specialize in construction in dense, urban settings. As populations rise and communities grow, the demand for innovative technologies and materials that support energy efficiency and environmental sustainability continue to grow exponentially.

Key companies

Key construction and building companies in EG include micro-tunneling company Technicore, which has been responsible for projects such as the Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport tunnel. Kelson, a Tier-1 mechanical systems contracting firm that has built major hospitals, universities and large commercial projects across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in another key sector employer along with TCS Construction, an expanding leader in scaffolding, formwork and concrete support.