As York Region's top producer of agriculture, East Gwillimbury (EG) accounts for 32% of agricultural production in the region! We host an above average concentration of jobs, with gross farm receipts totaling $96.8 million (2016 Census of Agriculture).

Sector profile

The sector represents 15% of the region's employment, with the highest proportions of farms specializing in:

  • Horse and other equine production (representing 20% of farm operations)
  • Beef cattle ranching
  • Vegetable farming.

The popularity of horse farming in York Region has attracted significant investment and attracted lots of annual visitors!

Farms account for 117 business locations in EG (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020), including those who are self-employed. An additional 20 businesses represent support activities for farms.


In the agri-food sector, beverage and dairy products have seen strong growth in net new jobs since 2014, while varied niche food sectors grew 6% (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).

Related to the sector is the strong supply chain industry of plastic product packaging and manufacturing, which has seen continued job growth.

Key companies

Some of the key agricultural operations in EG include AE Natural Meats and the Royal Canadian Riding Academy, a four-season equestrian facility.