The strength of East Gwillimbury's regional health care and life sciences industry lies in a substantial medical equipment sector and a surge in ambulatory health services.

Sector profile

As a health care hub, York Region is home to more than 300 bio-pharma and health technology firms! Jobs in the health sciences and related professions account for 10% of the town's overall labour force (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).

In 2020, more than 1,500 jobs in York Region were occupied in the medical equipment and supplies manufacturing sector (a 10% increase since 2014) and 423 jobs were in the ambulatory health care services field, a 103% increase since 2014 (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).

Southlake Regional Health Centre and our area's professionals

The region also boasts Ontario's largest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), serving 1.8 million residents. It's no surprise that East Gwillimbury (EG) takes great pride in supporting its many medical facilities and health professionals, including the world-class Southlake Regional Health Centre. The centre's strategic plan highlights the expected continued acceleration in demand for the region due to both population growth and an ageing population in York Region.

The need for quality health care is integral to our region's growth, development and health. Without outstanding centres like Southlake close by, our community members would have to travel great lengths to receive their required care. While having access to health care facilities is important, these facilities could not run without the many life sciences professionals who are employed to serve those in need. Due to growth and demand, these facilities are always pushing to fund more job opportunities, while attracting the best and brightest minds.

Key regional companies

Key health care companies in York Region include:

A strong presence in post-secondary programming

With major post-secondary institutions Georgian College, Durham College and Seneca College offering world-class health care programs, educational completions have seen strong growth in our area!

In health services, allied health and general health sciences, there were 174 regional completions in 2016, a 61% growth from 2012. In registered nursing, nursing administration, nursing research and clinical nursing, there were also 174 regional completions, representing a 21% growth rate. There were 37 educational completions in clinical and medical laboratory science, research and allied professions, a 61% growth rate (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).

Administration services

EG is home to York Region's transportation administration centre, emergency services headquarters, police training facility and waste management operations. The provincial Metrolinx service and operations hub is also located here, making the community a prime residential and employment area for many public service-focused employees.

The number of administrative officers in East Gwillimbury grew to 111 in 2020, a 25% growth rate from 2014, and the number of administrative assistants grew to 88, representing a 193% growth rate (Target Industry Snapshot, 2020).