In East Gwillimbury (EG), businesses are serviced by a variety of reliable utilities. Our team can help you discover available employment lands and understand servicing for each location!

Water and sewage

The Town of East Gwillimbury uses groundwater for its potable water supply. The responsibilities for water and sewage services are shared by the Town and York Region.

Water and Wastewater Master Plan

York Region's Water and Wastewater Master Plan provides a long-term water and wastewater servicing strategy that supports existing communities and growth to 2051. It integrates social, environmental and financial sustainability principles.


In EG, businesses are serviced with electricity by Hydro One. Visit their website to learn more about Hydro One's usage rates, policies and business services.

Natural gas

In EG, Enbridge Gas distributes natural gas to businesses. Visit their website to learn more about natural gas commercial and industrial rates, arranged payments, setting up an account, safety information and more.


Efforts to expand and enhance Broadband connectivity in EG are being led by the Council appointed Broadband Working Group. Consisting of volunteer members of the community with relevant technical knowledge and an interest in expanding reliable, affordable broadband, the group works with internet service providers to enhance coverage throughout the municipality.

With a combination of wireless and fibre connectivity, EG anticipates 94% coverage by the end of 2021 and is striving for 100% coverage shortly thereafter.