Our economic development plans and strategies guide our team's approach to creating and maintaining a thriving, diverse community, where conditions are ripe for businesses to succeed.

Economic Development Strategy

Learn more about the Town of East Gwillimbury's current vision and economic action plan through our updated Economic Development Strategy.

Community Profile 

Launched in 2023, EG's Community Profile includes information about the community's demographics, economy, and workforce, and Town services. 

Target Industry Snapshot

Discover in-depth information on our area's workforce, target sectors for growth and much more, with our Target Industry Snapshot.

Retail Gap Analysis

Completed in 2022, East Gwillimbury's Retail Gap Analysis represents a technical analysis of the communities of Mount Albert and Holland Landing that looks at the demographics, retail inventory and demand, and an infill strategy and action plan to strengthen current businesses and cultivate new business investment. 

Employment Corridor Secondary Plan

Check out our new, comprehensive Employment Corridor Secondary Plan for the area north of Green Lane East, around Highway 404. The document guides Town planning around establishing a high-quality employment area that supports a complete range of office and industrial uses, as well as limited retail uses.

Broadband Working Group Strategy

Our Broadband Working Group Strategy guides our actions around actively pursuing private sector partnerships to design, construct and operate a broadband network in East Gwillimbury. We understand the critical need for high-capacity, affordable bandwidth that serves our businesses and residents, and its importance in attracting new investment and job growth, particularly in the knowledge sector.