East Gwillimbury (EG) is a growing community with unlimited potential. Designated as a growth municipality in Northern York Region, EG’s population is projected to increase by 19% by 2025 and 39% by 2030. Not surprisingly, the demand for commercial and industrial land and buildings is also on the rise.

Review the population trends, household income and educational attainment so that you can better understand the local market.

Population trends

Welcoming a steady stream of new businesses and residents, the population has grown by more than 46% in the last decade. This increase was three times the provincial growth and more than double that of York Region.  

Population change from 2011 to 2020
YearEast GwillimburyYork RMOntario
2020 32,850 1,207,340 14,635,100
2016 23,221 1,109,90 13,448,494
2011 22,473 1,032,524 12,851,821
Net change (2011-2020) 10,377 127,816 1,783,279

Age breakdown

In terms of population by age group, East Gwillimbury recorded the largest share of the population within the late-career and early retirement group, between the ages of 55 and 64. View the age breakdown for EG residents:

  • Children ages 0 to 14 represent 15.5% of the population
  • Young adults ages 15 to 24 represent 13% of the population
  • Adults ages 25 to 34 represent 12% of the population
  • Adults ages 35 to 44 represent 12% of the population
  • Adults ages 45 to 54 represent 14% of the population
  • Adults ages 55 to 64 represent 16% of the population
  • Older adults ages 65 to 74 represent 10% of the population
  • Older adults over the age of 75 represent 6% of the population

Income levels

The median population income in East Gwillimbury was $43,596 by 2020, 19% higher than the median population income in York Region and the Province of Ontario. Approximately 26% of East Gwillimbury residents have an income of $70,000 or more. This is higher than regional and provincial average.

Educational attainment

Educational attainment is an important descriptor of labour force capacity. View the educational attainment for East Gwillimbury residents 15 years of age or older:

  • 28% have a high school diploma or degree
  • 24% have a college, CEGEP or non-university diploma or degree
  • 22% have a university degree at a bachelor level or above
  •  8% have an apprenticeship or trade certificate

Major fields of study in East Gwillimbury are architecture, engineering, and related technologies at 13%, followed by business, management, and public administration at 11%.